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DAN THE MUSIC MAN is an original. A songwriter and entertainer whose enthusiastic performances have made him a favourite of family audiences all over his native Canada, the United States and as far away as Seoul, South Korea. Dan the Music Man has released four albums to date. Make a Bridge, his debut album for young audiences, was released to critical acclaim in 1998.

Born in St. Boniface, Manitoba, Daniel Devion has lived in Edmonton, Alberta and has visited and made many friends in many of the cities and towns of Canada.

Dan pleaded for his first guitar at age 12 and began a life long adventure with music. Dan is married and a father of four. He lives with his family in Toronto, Ontario, the dynamic, multicultural, cosmopolitan and largest city in Canada. As a young man, Dan traveled from coast to coast in Canada, through the United States and the Caribbean perfecting his musicianship and developing a unique ability to entertain.

Recalling his first invitation to perform at a young audience event in the mid '90s, "For the first time in many years of performing, I was nervous and absolutely terrified! I was asked to write a theme song for a Children's Variety Show in Pickering, Ontario. The song ended up on TV and radio as an advertising jingle. As the music became associated with the event, I was then asked to be the M.C. and first act of the live show! Well, I looked out at this sea of young faces and just began to play. I was overwhelmed by the responsiveness of the children and how eager they were to get involved, truly enjoying the fun of it all."

Dan hasn't been nervous since. A fond connection with this new young audience was born. "From the outset, I tried to create a style of music, a show and an atmosphere in which children, parents, care givers and teachers alike could all truly enjoy themselves, together. Fun for the kids becomes family fun when we find and bring out the kids at heart!" says Dan.

Dan has learned the 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration rule of songwriting and creating finished albums. Starting with Make a Bridge, Dan constructed a studio with a partner, became a recording engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, kids choir director and record company president, while maintaining a busy performance schedule. The Safety Neighbourhood project was important to Dan as it is music that encourages children to play it safe. "This album was a labour of love," said Dan, "I love the idea that children can learn things from this record that could actually save their lives. If even one child avoids harm because of something learned from Safety Neighbourhood, I'll consider it an immeasurable success."

The gap between Safety Neighbourhood and Funday was filled with Dan's new gig as a producer and recording engineer on other artists' albums. Dan has produced and record- ed three albums for other artists in this period and is currently working on a fourth.

Dan deeply respects his audience. His message is one of unity, imagination, merriment and the magic of youth. Dan says, "I love to hear that families enjoy this music together. When I see parents laughing, participating and really having fun at the shows with their children, I see them rediscover a little of what their kids feel every day! It's truly a wonderful thing to be a part of!"

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    Tracy Spence, Supervisor, Fern Avenue School Early Years Team, Toronto

    "The children are still talking about the performance. We haven’t taken down the posters as yet because they are a great topic of discussion - “that’s Dan the Man- he was here, we saw him you know!!!!” It was a great performance. We so appreciated your enthusiasm. It was infectious!"

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    Kim Trainor ECE.C, ECE Link

    Some of the most uplifting highly energetic children's music I have heard!

    You will start off tapping your toe, snapping your fingers then, clapping your hands and finally before you know it you will be dancing the day away. I speak from experience having had this happen to me at one Dan's performances during Week of the Child.
    Make a Bridge has some of the most uplifting highly energetic children's music I have heard. The songs have creative fun lyrics that involve everyone who listens. I know children that bath with Dan's CD playing in the bathroom, children that play it while they're going to sleep. I have a friend who listens to Make a Bridge in the car whether her children are with her or not!

    Make a Bridge is the kind of music that energizes you on rainy days or during those grey days of winter. Make a Bridge is a CD that should be added to music collections in child care centres, schools and homes.

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    Gaby Chauvet, Association of Early Childhood Educators

    "Your enthusiasm and obvious joy for singing mesmerized and entertained the 300 pre-schoolers and had adults in the room toe-tapping and dancing! We are sure to invite you back!"

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    Angela Sasaki, Principal, Unionville Montessori School

    "Thank you for another great performance. The children always enjoy your music - the interactive numbers are so much fun for them. We truly appreciate your experience and your skill in managing large numbers of little children. You are able to allow them the freedom to have fun but at the same time keep them under control so those around them can have fun too. You explain the games and dances in a way that they get it and you have your tried and true methods to bring down the noise level! And of course, you are a very talented singer!! It's a pleasure working with you."

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    Greg Bailey - Manager, Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights

    "I am pleased to recommend Dan the Music Man as a thoroughly fun family entertainer."


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