Safety Neighbourhood

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The coolest way to teach safety to kids! Safety Neighbourhood is a fun and interactive learning experience for children. Created from the themes of KidSURE's 8 Goldern Rules For Safety, Safety Neighbourhood teaches important lessons in ways that kids can remember and practice easily in their eveyday lives.

The Safety Neighbourhood project was important to Dan as it is music that encourages children to play it safe. "This album was a labour of love," said Dan, "I love the idea that children can learn things from this record that could actually save their lives. If even one child avoids harm because of something learned from Safety Neighbourhood, I'll consider it an immeasurable success!"

Dan deeply respects his audience. His message is one of unity, imagination, merriment and the magic of youth. Dan says, "I love to hear that families enjoy this music together. When I see parents laughing, participating and really having fun at the shows with their children, I see them rediscover a little of what their kids feel every day! It's truly a wonderful thing to be a part of!"

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  • 9
    Canada's City Parent magazine

    "an energetic performer...pop with inventive and fun lyrics that involve listeners...Daycares and kindergarten classrooms will find it a good pick-me-upper."

  • 9
    Kim Trainor ECE.C, ECE Link

    Some of the most uplifting highly energetic children's music I have heard!

    You will start off tapping your toe, snapping your fingers then, clapping your hands and finally before you know it you will be dancing the day away. I speak from experience having had this happen to me at one Dan's performances during Week of the Child.
    Make a Bridge has some of the most uplifting highly energetic children's music I have heard. The songs have creative fun lyrics that involve everyone who listens. I know children that bath with Dan's CD playing in the bathroom, children that play it while they're going to sleep. I have a friend who listens to Make a Bridge in the car whether her children are with her or not!

    Make a Bridge is the kind of music that energizes you on rainy days or during those grey days of winter. Make a Bridge is a CD that should be added to music collections in child care centres, schools and homes.

  • 9
    KidSURE Safety Association

    Performed brilliantly by popular children's entertainer and recording artist Dan the Music Man.
    KidSURE Safety Neighbourhood is a definite hit with the kids.

  • 9
    Wayne DeSchover - Music Director, Max Trax

    Impressed by both the original songs and the production values!
    Really enjoyed the albums and was quite impressed by both the original songs and the production values. With that in mind, I’ll start spinning a few of the tracks, specifically “Alphabet Soup”, “Roller Coaster” and “Monkey Time” beginning this week.



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